White Forest

White Forest

from 46.00

A must-have for every magical Christmas.

Special French cream, Korean strawberries, our new rice and coconut sponge cake.

Decorated with buttercream made of French butter, on top of Valrhona white chocolate disc.

* The decorations can easily be removed by removing the white chocolate disc.

Contains chocolate, coconut, dairy, egg.

Due to the potential of cross contamination, this is not recommended for those with nut allergies.

Earliest availability is in four days. For urgent purchases, please call to confirm availability at 6222 1369.

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Available in 小 XIAO size and 中 ZHONG size.

Best consumed on day of collection/delivery.

Must be kept refrigerated.


小 XIAO       good for 2 - 4 adults

中 ZHONG   good for 6 - 8 adults

特大 TEDA   customisable size for many more happy adults