Dairy Free TIANN'S Carrot Cake

Dairy Free TIANN'S Carrot Cake

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Our take on the perennial favourite.

Australian carrots in almond sponge cake, sweetened only with a little organic honey, organic black raisins.

Cashew nut frosting makes this a dairy free cake.

Contains egg, tree nut (almond, cashew nut, walnut).

Cross contamination is possible and is not suitable for those with allergies.

Cashew nuts are only in the dairy free one.

The 小 XIAO size regular (mascarpone cheese) one is featured in the pictures.

Earliest availability is on the next working day. For urgent purchases, please call to confirm availability at 6222 1369.

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Available in Single serves, 小 XIAO, 中 ZHONG, 大 DA and 特大 TEDA size.

To order one in 特大 TEDA size, please call us at 6222 1369.

Best consumed on day of collection/delivery. 

Must be kept refrigerated.


小 XIAO       good for 2 - 4 adults

中 ZHONG   good for 6 - 8 adults

大 DA good for 18 - 20 adults

特大 TEDA   customisable size for many more happy adults