TIANN'S Weekday Lunch Workshop A

TIANN'S Weekday Lunch Workshop A

from 264.00

Reserve this workshop set to enjoy the benefits of having your space uninterrupted from 11.30am to 2pm. Best for brain storming sessions, fuel yourself well for the most creative ideas!

Pick your most suitable space choice: one table (6-8 people), two tables (12 - 14 people), or all three tables (18-20 people).

Refresh yourself with organic fruit ice tea (caffeine free)


Seasonal Korean side dishes to start

Choice of

KATE’S LUNCHBOX with kimchi pork stew,

KATE’S LUNCHBOX with beef bulgogi, or

Grandma’s Bibimbap.

A slice of Tea cake for dessert


A regular hot coffee or organic tea. 

KATE’S LUNCHBOX is served with rice or quinoa and spinach. Grandma’s Bibimbap may be served with rice or quinoa. 

PALEO option available: Scrambled eggs instead of rice or quinoa.

Dairy free option available: Grandma’s Bibimbap, Sticky date pudding and almond or coconut milk with coffee. 

Other food intolerances may be catered for as extras and is charged separately. 

Dairy free option is available at $5 extra per head, to be paid at counter at the start of workshop. Food is provided for the number of people made during reservation, no changes possible. 

Food served may vary from that in the pictures.

The projector may be used for reservations with all three tables. As the space is open, confidential presentations or discussions are not recommended.   

Not available on Public Holidays.

Reservations are to be made one week in advance. Cancellations not possible. Food intolerances or preferences must be indicated at time of booking. 

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In our kitchen, we do not use any ingredients naturally containing wheat and gluten. We do use a lot of eggs, tree nuts, butter, milk, cream, fish and shellfish. There are plenty opportunities for cross contamination, so please check clearly and enjoy with care if you have food allergies. We do not use peanuts but cross contamination may occur at the facilities that make the ingredients we use. There is also a little soy lecithin in most of the chocolates we use, they are all dark chocolates but are made in facilities where milk is also used, and may not be free of dairy. Cocoa powder that we use is free of dairy, nuts and egg.