Happier holidays :)




100% Gluten free & sweetened only with dates.

Organically grown dates coaxed to savouriness with Maldon sea salt, encrusted in a pastry of almonds, AOP French butter and barn-laid eggs. Spiced up with cloves and organic white sesame. 

Contains dairy, eggs, sesame and tree nuts. 


TIANN’S Pineapple Tarts

100 % Gluten free & lower sugar

Lovingly cooked from ripen honey pineapples, sweetened slightly with organic raw sugar, enveloped in a pastry of organic brown rice, almonds, barn-laid eggs, AOP French butter and pink Himalayan salt. Half flavoured with Tahitian vanilla bean and half in a more traditional fashion, with cinnamon, cloves and orange zest. 

Contains dairy, eggs and tree nuts.



100% made from scratch, gluten free, lower sugar

That familiar traditional taste recreated with local organic vegetables. White radish, carrot and cucumber noodles topped with coriander. Surrounded by beetroot, radishes, capsicums, ginger and onion that are fermented till perfection in organic apple cider vinegar, organic raw sugar and pink Himalayan salt. Paired with slow roasted almond flakes, organic white sesame, Danish smoked salmon, juice of green limes and powdered spices. Rounded off with house made speciality rhubarb syrup, organic maple syrup and extra virgin olive oil. Showered with slow fried crackers in coconut oil, that is flavoured with our signature Korean chilli paste. 

Contains fish, tree nuts, sesame and sulphites (naturally occurring). Bones may be present in fish. 

Vegan option available.