real ingredients

We believe that good food fuels life. Starting with the best ingredients, we hand craft all our creations from scratch. Everything is made without artificial additives. We also do not add refined sugar and keep all our food free from wheat (and gluten).


All our food are made with the most basic building blocks - good ingredients. Ingredients that your kids would recognise are lovingly coaxed to create our treats.

your health

Life is too short for the fake stuff. Hence, we make all our creations from scratch with only real ingredients; couverture dark chocolates (with a minimum of 70% cocoa content), French and New Zealand butter from grass-fed cows, fresh 100% Australian milk, meat from animals raised uncaged, well-fed and free of hormone and antibiotic residues. Unless specifically requested (e.g. sprinkles and fondant), we do not add refined sugar in all our creations. All our creations are also free of wheat (and gluten). We understand that you may have a range of food allergies or intolerances and do our best to highlight possible allergens on our menu. Always do let us know of your allergies or intolerances. 

We like to keep TIANN'S stress-free and as such appreciate that you refrain from activities related to deadlines at our space, and instead enjoy a conversation or two. We are obliged to served on takeaway tableware, hence we have picked those that have been or can be recycled, with most of our tableware made of corn and recycled paper.